Courses offered by Quran Learning Academy

In today’s fast paced life style and having so many commitments it has become very difficult for young muslims to commute to an islamic center and receive quality islamic education. However using state of the art technology now it has become possible for everyone to learn quran from the comfort of their Home. Quran learning academy uses these innovative technologies to connect student and teachers together for one to one live tuition sessions. At quran learning academy our tutors are highly qualified and fluent arabic, english, urdu and punjabi speakers. Our tutors have very friendly approach along with several years of teaching experience and understand what it takes for a quality teaching. We offer 1 week no obligation Free Trial. After these Free classes you can decide whether you want to carry on study with us or not. Simply call us and we will contact you shortly to take you through the software installation process.


1. Quran Reading and Learning online ( Full-time )

Full time course runs 5 days a week with a flexibility to choose timings that’s suits you. Full time course tend to be more faster then other study options and designed for those who are willing to commit more time every week and want to learn and complete their study quickly. However we suggest that young students and beginners register for a part-time course which takes a little longer then full-time course but offers much more flexibility. Our full-time course can be started for as little as $100/£45 a month. Please see our fee section for further details.

2. Quran Reading and Learning online ( Part-time )

Part-time course runs 3 days and week. Students can choose which days and times they want to study. We recommend this course for beginners and young students. This study option offers greater flexibility and is slower paced. With part-time course students do not feel under pressured as it takes longer time to complete their study then any other option. Part-time course can be started for as little as $55/£25 a month. Please see our fee section for further details.

3. Quran Reading and Learning online ( Weekend )

This is weekend based course and is designed for working individuals and in some cases for students who can not study during the week. Its a slow paced option but class sessions are longer compare to other study options. Weekend courses can be started for as little as $40/£22.
Please see our fee section for further details.


Arabic & Urdu Learning online

Quran Learning Academy is also offering Arabic & Urdu language courses. These courses can either be combined with quran reading course or can be taught separately. We have qualified Arabic and Urdu teachers who have several years of experience in teaching these languages. This course consist of three modules which include Reading, Writing and Speaking. Upon completion of this course students should be able to have basic writing skills along with advance reading and speaking skills. This course can be completed within 10 weeks but depends on the students current knowledge of these language.


What Parents Say about Quran Learning Academy

Mr. Umar Farooq of Quran learning academy has been teaching my kids for some time. I find his teaching methods very innovative and also he works very diligently on the weak spots of the students and helps them improve tremendously. He is a very soft spoken and patient teacher and my kids enjoy learning from him. His knowledge of Arabic language as well as pronunciation is also extremely vast and I would definitely recommend him as an accomplished teacher.

Mrs Aftab. Maryland USA

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