Learn to Read Quran online with Quran Learning Academy.
At Quran learning academy online we have been teaching children and adults the Quran, Arabic and Urdu for many years. We use state of the art technology to connect students and teachers for live one to one Quran reading sessions. Our Quran reading and Quran learning courses are run by Qualified tutors who are hired after passing highly stringent screening process.

We ensure that each student learns Quran on one to one basis and according to Tajweed rules. Quran reading & learning with Quran Learning Academy is convenient, affordable and fun. Please look around at our website for further information on courses offerd by Quran learning academy.




My 16 year old son and 7 year old daughter have been reading Quran online with Quran Learning Academy. I must say that they are very kind and patient with both my children. They have both improved greatly since starting the classes and I am very pleased with their progress. I am also very grateful to Quran Leaning Academy for their support.

Mrs Rizwana Khaliq , UK

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